Archive / Papers / Hails Papers: Microfilm No. 39


A journal in three volumes, covering the years 1914-40.

  1. Volume I, 1914-25:
    • The journal of an officer describing service in Mesopotamia 1914-19, then in India 1920 – frontier duty etc., with a very vivid account of the army life in India and the role it played in the administration. There are anecdotes about Indians and British in army life, and the opinions expressed show a great feeling for Indian life; army life is also described in considerable detail; life in Delhi described, especially the Duke of Connaught’s visit; comments on Indian politics; a lot of time was spent in Waziristan, and frontier duty and skirmishing is described in some detail – a very good picture of life on duty (1921-22); Prince of Wales’ visit 1922. Most interesting reminiscence of a man Raynor whose grandfather survived the siege of Delhi.
    • Returns to Delhi, and there are accounts of manoeuvres, shooting, daily life in the army and leisure; goes to Dehra Dun; funeral of the Maharaja of Kashmir; description of boat trip and tour in Kashmir and also in Jammu.
  2. Volume 11, 1926-35:
    • Contact with Indian officers and families both in the Regiment and out, and description of visits, especially in the early months of 1926; Jat class regiments and Ranghars, upon whose state he comments; mutiny stories; met Tyndale-Biscoe June 1927; notes on the King of Afghanistan’s visit to Bombay 1927; visits Goa. Stationed in Bombay; records of riots and trouble there 1929; meets man in Maizar massacre of 1897; goes to Far East and Hong Kong. The journal is filled with interesting accounts of army life.
  3. Volume III, 1935-40:
    • This volume is very much the same but there is far more detail about Indians; he travels round visiting pensioned Jat officers and N.C.O.s in their villages; there is quite a lot on Kashmir, where he goes on leave and where he is stationed; the descriptions of Indian life increase. He finally resigns, and returns home; descriptions on the way of ports of call; he gets an Air Force job throughout the war. Two copies of a criminal case in the High Court Jind State, of six accused applicants for review v. the State. Appeal and reason for release. Letter asking for protection as a result of release. 1935.