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Mr. J.R. Granville-Bantock

Given through Mr. J.J. Tawney of Oxford Colonial Records Project

Facsimile of map of Colombo (sic) c. 1640 A.D. made by M.N. Rottveel of an original in the Rijks Archief, ‘which shows the civic and military development of the city after nearly a century and a half of Portuguese occupation. It is a valuable accessory to the story of the siege (1655-60) as told by the historians Baldaeus and Ribeyro from the Dutch and the Portuguese angle, respectively …’ Brohier and Paulusz: Land, maps, and surveys – Ceylon Volume 2.1951, 75pp. (The reproduction there has a modern Grid and a legend which have been incorporated in reproducing the facsimile of the original.)

Facsimile of a map issued about 1732, prepared by M.F.N. Rottveel in 1901 from the original MSS in the Hague, of a ‘Gound plan of the city and castle of Colombo as it is at present after alteration since the demolition of the old city’s fortifications … a noteworthy feature of this map is the possibility it affords for visualizing the military and the civic planning of the city as it existed two centuries ago ….’ Brohier & Paulusz: Land, maps, and surveys – Ceylon Volume 2. pp. 64-65.

Facsimile of a map, undated, but not earlier than 1749. ‘… A most important work … a plan and map of the district outside the castle, the outer city and gravets of Colombo, with all rivers, roads, hills, gardens and fields, the shore (of water features) being delineated with the ebb in the dry months February and March, all carefully measured and drawn by Carl David Wentzel Lt. and first sworn Surveyor’ Brohier & Paulusz: Land, maps and surveys ? Ceylon. Volume 2. pp. 65-66.


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