Archive / Papers / Ghosh Papers: Box 2


  1. Folder marked ‘Financial papers’ containing:
    1. Notebook containing household accounts, addressees and diary fragments, 1946-1955
    2. Papers relating to the sale by auction of household goods: letter instructing auctioneers; reply; Letter with enclosures – auction advertisement and list of goods for sale. 8pp.
    3. Rough notes and receipt slips for an application for a domicile certifiate in the Indian Union. 3pp
    4. Receipts from United Cycles Limited, Calcutta. 21.4.1949.
    5. 2 July 1949. Letter about share certificates and other matters from United Cycles
  2. Folder marked ‘Dasora (Manikganj) Property’ containing:
    1. Notebook dated 17.7.58 on the cover containing financial notes and accounts.
    2. 1951 – 1970. 13 letters and five newspaper clippings relating to Rai Sahib Ghosh’s account with the Nath Bank, which went into liquidation in 1951.
    3. Rough notes marked ‘A short description and measurement of homestead lands etc.’ which lays out the manner and scale of land purchases in Dasora. 6pp.
    4. Legal papers and letters in connection with the purchase of two plots of land by Sri Ashutosh Ghosh. The papers include private calculations relating to the properties, maps, deeds and letters (some documents awaiting translation).
    5. Handwritten details of property holdings in Manikganj District listing six separate holdings.
    6. Notarial certificate of power of attorney and accompanying documentation. 7pp.
    7. Plan (in colour) of house at Dasora.