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W.S. Foster and C.W. Foster

Lent by Mrs. Y. Masheder

N.W.F.P., Madras 1860-1947

Envelope containing:

  1. Covenant of Service between Government of India and William Shrubsole Foster, 8 October 1860.
  2. Parchment letter of appointment of W.S. Foster to Indian Civil Service, Madras Presidency, 22 October, 1860.
  3. Letter from Governor of Madras, to W.S. Foster, Collector of Godavery, 4 August 1879. (Envelope)
  4. Receipt dated 4 June, 1885 for Rs 252-8 sent by W.S. Foster to Civil Funds on the birth of his son Charles William Foster.
  5. Newspaper cutting undated, with notice of’ W.S. Foster’s death.
  6. 48 letters from Charles William Foster, Indian Police, to his mother in 1908, from the N.W.F.P.: Gulistan, Hangu, Kohat, Gurgan, Peshawar, etc. I.C.S./Police relations; Samana Rifles, Frontier Militia; Frontier organisation; skirmishes; Zakka Khel and Mohmands expeditions referred to; Curzon mentioned (22 March and 9 May) Kitchener referred to 12 April, 22 July, 4 August, 7, 13, 28 October.
  7. One odd sheet of a letter from C.W. Foster.
  8. Invitation from the Indian officers of the Peshawar District Police to Mr. and Mrs. Foster to a farewell Tea-Party to Mr. C.W. Foster, 12 January 1921.
  9. TS memoir My years in the Indian Police 1905-1920 by C.W. Foster November 1956. 44pp.
  10. TS article The Semana Rifles, by C.W. Foster written for the archives of the N.W. Frontier Police at the request of the Inspector General of Police 1950. 3pp. 3 copies.
  11. MS letter from Karam Narain, from a policeman at Hangu congratulating C.W. Foster on his marriage. 5 December 1914.
  12. MS. sheet in cursive Urdu, about land. No date. 8 annas judicial stamp papers used in Kashmir in 1771. It contains the statement of complainant Bagar son of Saleh against Rahmat Ullah, son of Kajammul Butt -Profession: Zemindari. The statement is in respect of a dispute regarding a mortgage. The statement was recorded on 27 June 1771 and the names of the witnesses are also mentioned. The stamp also bears the impression of the name of the stamp vendor Ramji Sahai. (The statement has been recorded in Shakistan Urdu).
  13. Abusive letter- to Mrs. Foster from ‘Hero’. 4pp. MS
  14. Exercise book containing housekeeping accounts kept by Mrs. C.W. Foster 1916-1920. Also recipes, addresses etc. for household goods.
  15. Telegram 28 May 1909 from Bombay from (C.W.) Foster in Peshawar to (Mrs.) Foster in Hoddesdon.
  16. File containing: Certificates and testimonials of C.W. Foster. TS copy of the remarks entered in the Personal File of C.W. Foster. 4pp. Articles of agreement on C.W. Foster proceeding to India as an Officer of Police. 6 October 1905.
  17. TS extract from a Memorandum recorded by Lt. Colonel W.J. Keen, … upon the working of the Police in the Peshawar District … 1920. (extract refers C.W. Foster) 2pp.
  18. Testimonials and letters of appreciation post 1921 referring to C.W. Foster’s work in Indian Police. One from Arden-Close.
  19. Certificate of Proficiency in Urdu 13 March 1919.
  20. TS article on Kohat District N.W. Frontier Police written by C.W. Foster for the Indian Police Book Committee 1967. 3pp.
  21. Printed attendance form used by the Frontier Constabulary, Peshawar.
  22. Confidential file: Government Gazette Extraordinary N.W.F.P. Martial Law Notices for Peshawar City and Cantonement May 10, 1919. Orders Etc.
  23. Printed Report on the Police Administration in the N.W.F.P. during the year 1919. Printed 1920. (C.W. Foster mentioned).
  24. 19 printed notices in Urdu about Martial Law in Peshawar, 1919.