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Philip E.S. Finney, Indian Police Service.

Bengal, Burma: 1924 – 1947.

  1. Collection of photostat copies of entry into the Police Service, Articles of Agreement, biography as in ‘History of Services’, warrant to join army; Government Servants’ Conduct Rules 1919. 11pp.
  2. Barrackpore 1927 ? 30. Photostat copies of letters of merit, newspaper cuttings, letter of congratulation and thanks from Sir John Simon acknowledging his work as D.C. of Police, Calcutta. 28pp.
  3. Buxa Duars Detention Camp 1930 ? 31. Correspondence relating to office of Superintendant. 2pp.
  4. Deoli Jail 1932 ? 34. Copies of letters and other papers relating to office as Superintendant of the detention camp in Deoli. 46pp.
  5. Papers concerning material for history of the Indian Police by Sir Percival Griffiths under the title ‘To Guard my People’ published in 1971.
  6. Note giving his views, which were asked for by the Governor of Bengal on the political impasse in January 1946. 8pp.
  7. Paper concerning the Superior Civil Services Rules 1934, related to Finney. 6pp.
  8. File marked ‘Correspondence – Indian Coronation Contingent 1937’. 66 Officers of the Indian Police attended the Coronation. Correspondence between Finney, Sir Horace Williamson and Sir John Ewart on the difficulties, complaints etc., encountered.. 51pp.
  9. File marked ‘Inspection and instruction remarks made by P.E.S. Finney, Superintendent of Police, Rangpur on the Reserve Office on the 27 August – 1 September 1936.’ 64pp.
  10. Papers concerned with Inspection remarks made by Finney as Superintendent of Police, Rangpur in September 1936. 14pp. Also papers for the office Order Book – 4pp. and Standing Order No.33 of 1936 concerning detenu letters. 3pp.
  11. Copy of ‘Notes for the Additional Superintendent Headquarters, Mymensingh’ March 1936. 18pp. Notes intended as guidance for his predecessor outlining the policy adopted and the methods to translate it into effect.
  12. Folder issued by Governor of Bengal ‘General Police arrangements in connection with the visit of His Excellency the Governor of Bengal to Rangpur’ 31 October – 2 November 1936. 131pp.
  13. Xerox copy. TS Memoir entitled ‘Just my Luck, or Reminiscences’ by P.E.S. Finney, late Indian Police Service. Illustrated by photographs. 166pp.