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Given by Miss A. Ewing.

India General: 1919-1954

A collection of interview notes, tape recordings and answers to a questionnaire sent out by Miss Ewing from I.C.S. officers, for her thesis written in 1978 entitled, “Survey of former officers of the Indian Civil Service between 1919-1935.”

There are 17 transcripts of interviews, 32 written answers, in correspondence, to the questionnaire.

See also: Tape-recordings.

  1. S. M. Burke: 1931-1947 Asst Commr, Punjab 1931. 3pp.
  2. D. G. Chambers: 1931-1947 Asst Collr, Bombay 1931. 2pp.
  3. William Christie 1920-1947 Mag. and Collr, U.P. 1933. 4pp.
  4. B.A.C. Cook: 1929-1947 Under Secty, Fin. Dept, G. of India 1938. 3pp. (See also No.22 Questionnaire)
  5. G. G. Drewe: 1928-1947 Asst Collr, Bombay 1932. 3pp.
  6. W. W. Georgeson: 1930-1950 Jt Mag. and Sub-Collr, Madras. 2pp.
  7. H.A.C. Gill: 1929-1947 Dep. Secty, Fin. Dept, G. of India 1938. 3pp.
  8. J.P.L. Gwynn: 1938-1955 Asst Collr and Mag., Madras. 2pp.
  9. F. M. Innes: 1926-1947 Dep. Cmmsnr, Punjab 1932. 3pp.
  10. L. W. Jardine: 1921-1947 Resident for Baroda and Gujerat States 1943. 4pp.
  11. R. H. Johnston: 1923-1947 Mag. and Collr, U.P. 1928 and Bengal 1938. 2pp.
  12. A. H. Kemp: 1928-1947 Jt Mag. and Dep. Collr, Bihar 1928. 2pp.
  13. A.R.H. Macdonald: 1931-1947 Dep. Commr, Assam 1942. 2pp.
  14. P. J. Pringle: 1933-1947 Jt Mag. and Dep. Collr, Bengal. 2pp.
  15. M. H. Rossington: 1932-1947 Dep. Commr, Burma 1939. 3pp.
  16. W.H. Saumarez Smith: 1934-1947 Under-Secty, Home Dept, Bengal 1939. 7pp.
  17. C.F.V. Williams: 1923-1947 Sub-Collr and Jt Mag., Madras 1928. 2pp.
  18. E.G.S. Apedaile: 1932-1947 Dep. Commr, Burma 1938. 2pp
  19. R.F.S. Baylis: 1927-1947 Jt Mag., U.P. 1929. 4pp
  20. D. A. Bryan: 1933-1947 Asst Commr, Punjab. 2pp
  21. Sir Charles Clee 1919-1947 Secty; Fin. Dept, Govt. of Sind 1937. 3pp
  22. B.C.A. Cook 1922-1947 Under-Secty, Fin. Dept, G. of India. 2pp
  23. F. G. Cracknell: 1932-1947 Jt Mag., U.P. 6pp.
  24. E. G. Creek: 1933-1948 Jt Mag, and Dep. Collr, Bengal. 5pp.
  25. F. N. Crofts: 1929-1947 District and Sessions Judge, U.P. 3pp.
  26. B. W. Day: 1930-1947 Sub. Collr, Madras. 3pp.
  27. B. W. Day: 1930-1947 Sub. Collr, Madras. 7pp.
  28. A. E. Drake: 1931-1947 Asst Mag., and Collr, Bihar. Also political service. 7pp.
  29. A.G.F. Farquhar: 1927-1947 Dep. Commr, C.P. 17pp
  30. R. Galletti: 1931-1947 Jt Sec. Board of Revenue, Madras. 8pp.
  31. Sir Leslie Glass: 1934-1947 Ass. Commr, Burma. 2pp.
  32. J. S. Hardman: 1929-1947 Sec. Fin. Dept, Bihar. 12pp.
  33. E. S. Hyde: 1928-1948 Asst Commr, C.P. 1pp.
  34. R.S.T. John: 1932-1947 Jt Mag. and Dep. Collr, Bengal. 2pp.
  35. J. Johnston: 1927-1947 Mag. and Collr, U.P. 4pp.
  36. W. G. Kennedy: 1931-1947 Asst Commr, Punjab. 7pp.
  37. A. S. Larkin: 1921-1947 Mag. and Collr, Bengal. 6pp.
  38. Sir Robert Latimer: 1935-1947 Asst Commr, Punjab. 11pp.
  39. J. L. Llewellyn: 1929-1947 QJt Mag. and Dep. Collr, Bengal. 15pp.
  40. R. E. McGuire: 1926-1947 Dep. Commr, Burma. 2pp.
  41. F.W.A. Morris: 1930-1954 Jt Mag. and Sub-Collr, Madras. 3pp.
  42. A. J. Platt: 1932-1947 Pte Sec. to Governor of Madras. 2pp.
  43. W. H. Pridmore: 1934-1947 Jt Mag. and Collr, U.P. 4pp.
  44. P. W. Radice: 1931-1948 Jt Mag., U.P. 1pp.
  45. N. Storr: 1930-1947 Dist. and Sess. Judge, U.P, 1pp.
  46. M. M. Stuart: 1927-1947 Jt Mag. and Collr, Bengal. 2pp.
  47. A.R.C. Westlake: 1921-1947 Collr, Madras. 5pp.
  48. A. A. Williams: 1932-1947 Asst Commr, Punjab. 4pp.
  49. Copy of letter to C.M. Kerr in Cawnpore dated 1 September 1944 from D. C. Das? requesting his views on the work, and the qualities needed, by military officers going into civil employment.
  50. Miss Ewing’s Appendix I to her thesis, the questionnaire, and a list of those it was sent to. 7pp. 210pp.
  51. ‘The Indian Civil. Service 1858-1947’. An article written forĀ History Today, June 1982, by Anne Ewing. TS and xerox of printed article. Bibliography in TS copy.
  52. TS of Appendix I. Survey of former officers of the Indian Civil Service. Summer 1978. pp.386-392. From Miss A. Ewing’s Ph.D. thesis for the University of Cambridge.