Archive / Papers / Clow Papers: Box 1


Papers of Sir Andrew Clow, I.C.S. Posts in United Provinces 1914-19; Member, Viceroy’s Executive Council 1939; Governor of Assam 1942-47.

Given by Mrs. Oddie

File 1: Documents relating to the war in Assam, 1942-1944

  • ‘Account of operations by 33 Ind Corps from the start of the Assam campaign in April 1944 until the relief of 4 Corps at Imphal on 22 Jun 1944’. Includes a series of detialed campaign maps, orders of battle, casualty lists, 57pp.
  • TS account: ‘Main events of the war against Japan in the Naga Hills’, 7pp.
  • TS account: ‘The Kohima battle front’, 3pp.
  • Extract from H.Q. 33 INd. Corps’ no. 1250/1/G.S.I.(b), 22 June 1944, ‘Civil/Military Intelligence Policy’, 1p.
  • Fauji Akhbar, 26 September 1944, pp. 3-12, ‘We drove the Japs from Indian soil’.
  • Pamphlet: ‘Village defence parties: Assam’s Home Guard’

File 2: Planning the post-war political settlement

  • TS document, marked ‘Secret’, ‘Pakistan’. Policy document written by A.G. Clow, 22.8.1945. 5pp.
  • Series of policy proposals and correspondence with Sir Gilbert Laithwaite about potential routes towards independence; Clow proposes a cabinet mission, and writes an introduction to its members when it is agreed upon. Documents range from October 1939 to May 1941.

File 3: Broadcasts and lectures

  • Text of BBC broadcast on the Naga Hills, 8.10.1957. Includes documents from the BBC about the broadcast.
  • Text of a lecture to the Theosophical Society, Glasgow, 1958.
  • Text of a lecture on the administration of British India, n.d. Two copies of lecture text along with notes and corrections.
  • Collection of cartoons about Sir Andrew Clow’s railways policy.

File 4: Publications and Government reports

  • Final settlement report of the Basti District, United Provinces, 1915-19
  • Seamen’s Recruitment Committee Report, Delhi, 1922, 35pp.
  • ‘Unemployment in India’, A.G. Clow. Offprint from the Annals of the American Academy of Political and Social Science, September 1929.
  • Bulletins of Indian Industries and Labour, No. 61: Indian labour legislation, 1932-37, Delhi, 1937.
  • Speech of the Railway Member introducing the railway budget for 1940-41.
  • Speech of the Railway Member introducing the railway budget for 1941-42 (two copies).
  • Speech of the Railway Member introducing the railway budget for 1942-43.
  • Assam Legislative Assembly Governor’s Address, 16 November 1944, Shillong, 1944.
  • India (Cabinet Mission). Statement by the Cabinet Mission and His Excellency the Viceroy, London, May 1946.
  • Constituent Assembly of India Statistical Handbook No. 1: The population of India according to communities, 1947.
  • ‘The Ingram Estate (Distrcit Gurgaon) and rural developments’, by Pandit Parshadi Lal’, 1961, 24pp.
  • TS precis of the meetings of the War Measures Committee, 1939-1945.