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Papers of Baron Chorley of Kendal, relating to Lord Chorley’s membership of the Parliamentary Delegation to India, 1946.

Given by the Hon. Mrs G. Goodwin.

  1. 22 December and 24 December 1945. From the India Office. Xeroxed memorandum issued by the Bureau of Public Information, Government of India, for the benefit of the Parliamentary Delegation, in form of brief precis of comments by Indian Leaders to the Press indicative of their attitudes to the Delegation. The leaders in question are: Pandit Nehru, Purshottam Das Tandon and Sir Maharaj Singh.
  2. 22 December 1945. Information Department, India Office. Xeroxed note for Delegation members with precis of comments made in Indian newspapers about the proposed Parliamentary Delegation.
  3. Official list of Guest Rooms in The Viceroy’s House, New Delhi for the period from 5-7 January 1946.
  4. Official list, headed New Delhi, 1945-46, of telephone numbers of personnel working in Viceroy House, also other important numbers.
  5. Xeroxed sheet of notes: brief biographies of people attending the Delegation.
  6. List of guests invited to an unspecified ‘At Home’, held on 7 January 1946.
  7. Newspaper cutting from Hindustan Times, 9 January 1946; a photograph of the British Parliamentary Delegation to Delhi.
  8. A memorandum to Lord Chorley detailing the engagements for 8 January 1946.
  9. Second page of above memorandum.
  10. A typed list giving engagements on 10 January 1946.
  11. A typed list of engagements for 11 January 1946.
  12. Handwritten note, unsigned, on talk given by the Viceroy.
  13. Typed list, headed The Lord Chorley of Kendal, giving brief biographies of guests attending a party held on 7 January 1946.
  14. Invitation to Lord Chorley to a party on 12 January 1946 given by Sir Bertrand and Lady Glancy.
  15. Seating plan of Dinner given at Government House, Peshawar on 15 January 1946.
  16. Typed list, headed 18 January 1946 noting appointments on that day with leading Indian personalities in various fields.
  17. Timetable for Parliamentary Delegation for 18 and 19 January 1946.
  18. Dinner list, dated 18 January 1946 held at Government House.
  19. List compiled by Parliamentary Delegation of people interviewed in Mysore on 21 January 1946; list ranges from local dignitaries to businessmen and journalists.
  20. Biographical list of officials in Mysore State.
  21. Timetable of events in Madras on 25 January 1946.
  22. Envelope addressed to Lord Chorley, memo on back mentions a Dr Ananda Coomarasura.
  23. Newspaper cutting fromĀ The Mail, 24 January 1946, deals with the Delegations meeting with Gandhi.
  24. Tentative programme for weekend in Calcutta from 25-28 January 1946.
  25. A list, giving brief biographies, of leading non-officials representing different interests in Bengal who may be of interest to, or interested in, the Delegation.
  26. Dinner plan for 4 February 1946 attended by the Viceroy and members of the Delegation. (2 copies).
  27. Portion of notepad which makes references to terrorist activities in Bengal, mentions problems of running down the I.C.S. and refers to Trade Unions.