Archive / Papers / Brown Family Papers: Box 1


A collection of letters and documents relating to the Brown family of Tiverton, Devon. Most of the letters are from the six children to their father’s second wife (mother to four of them, step-mother to the eldest two). There are a number of letters written from school, but most come from when the children were spread around the British Empire, and regularly wrote home with news and details of their lives. The four ‘boys’ also served in the First World War and some had long army careers.

The family comprises: Col. F.D.M. Brown, V.C. (Father), Mrs J. D. (Doris) Brown (mother/step-mother), Claude Russell Brown and Frank Brown (sons by FDMB’s first marriage), Wynyard (Wyn), Vincent (Kit), Llewyn (Llew) and Jessie (children from FDMB’s second marriage).

Envelope 1:

  • Letters home from Claude and Frank Brown, written while at school.

Envelope 2:

  • Letters from Frank Brown to his father and stepmother, 1896-1922; letters from Claude Brown to his stepmother, 1898-1939.

Envelope 3:

  • Personal (non-family) letters received by Claude Brown, 1898-1903

Envelope 4:

  • Personal (non-family) letters received by Claude Brown, 1904

Envelope 5:

  • Personal (non-family) letters received by Claude Brown, 1905