Archive / Papers / Bose Papers: Box 2


  • Autobiographical papers: ‘You ask how my life in India began?’ (2 copies each 13pp.).
  • Christmas letter written by Vivian Bose, her husband, telling of illness and death of Irene, 1975. 10pp.
  • Biographical sketch. 4pp.
  • 37 Letters, mostly to her parents, written 1924-1968, mainly about welfare work. Gandhi’s death – etc.
  • Undated letters and jottings.
  • 21 Stories written by Irene Bose reflecting her life and experiences in India.
  • ‘We Poor’ Survey: a research project from U.S.I.S. on Villages. The supporting questions are present but answers are vague.
  • Two notebooks of poems and descriptions of India written by Irene Bose.
  • Two notebooks of poems collected by Irene Bose.


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