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Sir Eric and Lady Ansorge.

Small Collections Box 1

Bihar & Orissa 1940-1945

Printed Papers:

  1. Speeches on the War delivered by E.C. Ansorge, Esq., C.I.E., I.C.S., Adviser to H.E. the Governor of Orissa 1940-1941. Govt. Press Orissa, Cuttack, 1941. 51pp.
  2. Women’s War Committee: Report from June, 1940 to August 1941. 6pp.
  3. The War Effort in Orissa. 1941. 10pp.
  4. Letter from Sir John Hubback, Governor of Orissa, to Mrs. Ansorge, 9 December 1940, congratulating her on the success of her Fancy Fete.
  5. Letter from the Secretary to the Governor of Orissa to Mrs. Ansorge asking for details of the Cuttack Water Carnival organisation, to be circulated to other Governors at the suggestion of the Viceroy. 27 June 1941.
  6. Letter of congratulation from the Governor of Orissa (Sir Hawthorne Lewis) to Mrs Ansorge. 16 July 1941. 2pp.
  7. Letter of congratulation from the Governor’s Secretary to Mrs. Ansorge on the results of her Sports Day. 19 November 1941.
  8. Letter of appreciation for War-work from the Raja Bahadur of Khallikote, Chairman, Provincial War Executive Committee. 2 August 1943. 3pp.
  9. Printed Report of the Orissa War Olympics 1943. February 1943. 10pp.
  10. a – d: Four Quarterly Reports of the Bihar Joint War Committee, 1945. (Chairman Lady Ansorge).
  11. Bihar Joint War Committee Annual Report 1945.
  12. Printed Report of the Bihar Provincial Sports Meeting in aid of the families of Bihar Soldiers, Sailors and Airmen. 1944. 15pp.
  13. Printed Programme of the Provincial War Sports Meeting 14th and 15th January 1944. 16pp.
  14. TS Report and Accounts of the Fancy Fair held at Cuttack on December 7, 1940. 5pp.
  15. TS copy of Report of the Cuttack Water Carnival held on the Mahanadi River 7 May (1941). 7pp.
  16. TS copy of the Report of the Cuttack District Inter College School Sports in aid of the War Fund and Red Cross. Saturday, 15 November 1941. llpp.
  17. TS Minutes of the Organising Committee in connection with the Inter College School Sports, Cuttack. 24 November 1941.
  18. 9 newspaper cuttings reporting the Water Carnival, Inter-College School Sports Day, the Orissa War Olympics and messages for Red Cross Week.