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Given by Mrs Allum

Small Collections Box 1

Newspaper cuttings:


  • Advocate of India, 7 March, 1907. Article on the proposed Great Ghat Electric Scheme referring to the hydro-electric supply scheme from the Bhor Ghats, Bombay, put forward by messrs Dorab J Tata and Rutton J Tata
  • Times of India, 8 March 1907, on the same
  • Times of India, February 1915. Leader: ‘The steadiness of India’, referring to the inauguration of the hydro-electric power scheme from the Bhor Ghats
  • Advocate of India, 13 February 1900. Obituary of Mrs Sarah Gostling (Mr Allum’s Grandmother).
  • Advocate of India, 14 February 1900 Obituary notice for Mrs Sarah Gostling
  • Obituary notices for Mr David Gostling, FRIBA: (a) Indian Textile Journal October 1908; (b)Theosophy in India November 1908; (c) Bombay Gazette 11 September 1908; (d) Bombay Gazette 17 September 1908; (e) Times of India 11 September 1908; (f) Times of India 17 September 1908; (g) Advocate of India 10 September 1908


The Empire of India Life Assurance Company, privately published, Bombay, 1935

Printed address of welcome to Mr Charles Bradlaugh, MP, at Mangalore, 21 December 1889, signed by delegates of South Kanara

MS brief curriculum vitae of Mr and Mrs Gostling