Archive / Papers / Allanson: Box 2


  • Final Report on the Survey and Settlement Operations in the District of Sonthal Parganas 1898-1907 by Hugh McPherson.
  • Inside front cover are (1) the review of this work by H.L.L.A. from the Indian newspaper The Pioneer of 18 and 19 February 1911; (2) Part of a letter concerning these reviews, dated 20 February 1911, written by McPherson to Allanson.
  • The Subsidiary Report for the period 1906-10 written by H.L.L. Allanson.
  • Miscellaneous Papers connected with the Sonthal Parganas: MSS notes and TS transliteration.
  • Bihar & Orissa Legislative Council Proceedings, Thursday 7 December 1922 Vol. VI – No. 4 Official Report … including Withdrawl of Notification declaring Santal Parganas to be a backward tract. Patna, 1922.
  • Bihar & Orissa Legislative Council Proceedings. Vol. IV – No. 28, 1922.
  • Confidential note on the address sent me by certain rate-payers in Dumka, who appear to be chiefly Bengalis, by H.L.L. Allanson, 16 January 1912.
  • From … Commissioner, Bhagalpur Division and the Sonthal Parganas, to the Secretary to the Govt. of Bihar & Orissa, Revenue Dept. 22 July 1912. (Paharia question) (Cultivation and sale of sabai grass)
  • Various reports (typewritten) marked by Mr. Allanson as ‘Papers and writing connected with the Sonthal Parganas, and other official papers’, 4 October 1912.
  • Memorial from Jatindra Chandra Upadhaya and others praying that the whole of the district of the Sonthal Parganas with the exception of the small subdivision of Godda might be transferred to Bengal … correspondence between the Chief Secretary to the Govt. of Bihar & Orissa and the Commissioner of the Bhagalpur Division … Ranchi, 17 February 1913 (typescript).
  • Printed Report from H.L.L. Allanson District Judge, Cuttack to the Chief Secretary to the Govt. of Bihar and Orissa, on the working of the Religious Endowments Act (XX of 1863) … No. 93, 11 January 1919.
  • Note giving ‘a brief summary of the discussions in the Council or Assembly on the administration of the Santal Parganas and of any action taken by Government as a result of them’, 10 November 1927.
  • Copies of correspondence (TS) between the Chief Secretary to Government Bihar & Orissa, Patna, and Mr. Allanson, District and Sessions Judge, Gaya, on the future administration of the Santal Parganas, 10 November 1927 and 3 April 1928.
  • Report of the Santal Parganas Inquiry Committee. Bihar, Patna 1938.