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Given by D.E. Lloyd Jones

C.P., Bengal, U.P., Assam, Burma: 1941 – 1975

Collection of letters sent home immediately prior to and throughout his Indian Army Service by Major D.E. Lloyd Jones, M.C. Assam Regiment. Throughout describes the books read; films seen, food etc. (A great many of the letters are purely personal. Only those relating to India or Assam are listed here. The full list is in the Centre of South Asian Studies).

Box 1: 1941-42. Describes process of applying and being selected for the Indian Army; training at Sandhurst; travels to India via Cape Town; first opinions of India and Calcutta.

Box 2: 1943-44. Bengal, Assam and Burma – describes military action against Japanese; Bengal famine.

Box 3: 1945-46. Campaign and victory against Japanese in Burma; describes P.O.W. camps; Indian National Army; demobilisation and plans for post-war life.

Boxes 4 and 5: Collection of newsletters and other items relating to the Assam Regiment from 1946 onwards.