Archive / Papers / Hudson, E.J.B.

Given by Lt. Commander R.K. Hudson.

E.J.B. Hudson A.I.E.E. Indian Telegraph Dept.

1889-1902 Assistant Supt; 1902-1907 Supt.

Nagpur, Indore, Punjab, Madras, Burma, Sind and Baluchistan, Rajputana, U.P., Arakan, Shillong 1889-1898.
Books, journals, diaries, notebooks, technical drawings and photographs relating to his training for Posts and Telegraphs at Coopers Hill, and his work in India and Burma.

Box 1 – Diaries 1887-1897, describing life in camp while inspecting telegraph lines.

Box 2 – Further diaries, 1897-98, mostly describing social life in Shillong, also a trip back to England and details of personal finances; telegraph department documents.

Box 3 – Technical volumes on engineering and mechanics; Cooper’s Hill Society annual reports, 1906-36

Boxes 4 and 5 – Cooper’s Hill magazine