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Papers of Sir Edward Benthall, 1928-46, covering political and commercial developments in India, and specifically Bengal. Notes and correspondence relating to his role in the Round Table Conference and his role in the war-time cabinet.

Also Benthall family correspondence, 1827-75.

Boxes 1 – 6: Business correspondence, 1928-29; political notes and correspondence  relating to Gandhi, the independence movement, and proposals about the transfer of power; correspondence and notes about the Round Table Conference.

Boxes 7 – 8: Diaries, 1929-46. Includes commentary on the Second World War, business affairs in India, political developments.

Boxes 9 – 13: Business and political correspondence received and sent both from India and while on leave in the UK.

Boxes 14 – 17: Correspondence received while in post at the Ministry of Economic Warfare, UK. 1941-42.

Box 18: Correspondence with Sir John Herbert, Lord Linlithgow and Auchinleck. Published correspondence between Linlithgow and Gandhi. 1939-1944.

Box 19: Papers relating to the formation of a ‘State Bank’.

Boxes 20 – 24: Articles, newspaper cuttings and papers relating to Indian business and politics.

Box 25: MS copy of an biography of Geoffrey Garratt, 1888-1942.

Boxes 26 – 34: Correspondence of earlier generations of the Benthall family in India, principally comprising the correspondence of Edward and Clementine Benthall, 1827-55.

Boxes 35 – 36: Further political notes and papers of Sir Edward Benthall.