Archive / Papers / Barnes, W.A.

Papers of William Alfred Barnes. Punjab Educational Service.1932-47

Box 1 – Papers relating to the Malaya Campaign, 1963; Officers’ pay, 1939-45
Box 2 – Diaries, 1933-37
Box 3 – Further diaries, including early war service, also papers relating to the strike by students at Dharmsala School, July 1939.
Box 4 – Files about wartime service in postal and censorship department; Punjab University files re. revising of syllabuses, medical courses, languages.
Box 5 – Papers about disputes with staff and pupils at school, especially while inspector of schools.
Box 6 – Articles and correspondence relating the fall of Singapore, miscellaneous articles.
Box 7 – Further papers about Dharmsala school strike, 1939, and about suspension as Inspector of Schools, 1947.
Box 8 – Detailed diary about censorship work; further papers relating to Govt. College, Dharmsala.
Box 9 – Further papers, including letters to and from students, about the strike at Govt. College Dharmsala.