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B&W. 16:38min. India/Pakistan. August – October 1947. Film made by Major C. H. Williams of the 11th Sikh Regiment while in the Punjab Boundary Force. Refugee camps and refugees being offered medical assistance. Aerial views of the refugees’ encampments and convoys (by train or on foot); cities in ruins. Pilots and military officers checking a map next to a biplane. Aerial views of Amritsar and the Golden Temple (Harmandir Sahib). Man pointing to a road sign reading ‘Tibet 192, Narkanda 35, Kufri 4 ‘. British and Indian military relief forces. Refugee convoys. Casualties. Plane ‘Commander General of India’ Jawaharlal Nehru with some of his government representatives visit refugee camps. Casualties on rioted sites. A military funeral. Refugees alongside a road receiving food supplies. Dead cows along the road. Communal graves. Flocks of vultures and a few feral dogs compete for the remains of various carcases. Ruins of a railway bridge.


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