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B&W. 11:36min. Calcutta (Kolkata), India. December 1927 – January 1928. Film made by Sir Eric Studd. Grand Lodge Deputation to India. Inspecting the construction of a new building at Freemasons Hall. Outdoor scenes of the Masonic Headquarters. Viceroy’s Cup. Arrival of Viceroy, Sir Stanley Jackson, Governor of Bengal. Extended sequence of Masonic processions to church service, St. Jones, Calcutta. Group portrait of Lord Cornwallis (Grand Deputy Master), Sir John Ferguson (Past Grand Treasurer), Sir J.E. Kynaston Studd (Past Grand Deacon), Col. S. Pleydell-Bouverie (Dy. G. Director of Ceremonies) and Bishop Foss-Westcott. Scenes of Masonic procession. Short scene of Sir Eric Studd (Dy. District Grand Master). NB: Special thanks to Martin Cherry, Librarian at the Library and Museum of Freemasonry, London, for providing invaluable background information.


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