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B&W. 33:01min. Travancore, (Kerala), India. c. 1930s. Unidentified filmmaker. Scenes of tea plantations and tea production technology: inspecting tea seeds; tea nurseries; tea plantations across mountainous area; road sign: ‘Rajamallay Estate 10006.29 acres; Pettimundi Estate 632.13 acres’ Indian women plucking young tea leafs, boxed tea transported by ‘bullock cart, lorry or gravitation shoot line’ tea factories; withering racks for tea leafs; tea manufacturing stages of ‘rolling-sifting-fermenting-firing and sorting into grades ‘ factory tea maker and assistants; transport of tea by railway and steamship to London. Lumbering and working elephants in teak forests, South India. Elephants being washed in a river. Mahout. (film with captions)


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