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B&W. 10:31min. Burma (Myanmar); Assam, India. May – June1942. Film made by Gyles Mackrell. Namgoi Mukh: ferrying food supplies to Yangman. Ian Johnson’s camp at Yangman. I.T.A. ‘coolies’ at Namgoi Mukh. Chungking mail planes over Namgoi Mukh. Refugees arriving by elephant from Burma via Nampong (30 May 1942). Refugees departing by boats to Simon camp. Camp scenes. Basha camp. Mackrell’s rescue operation of Sir John Rowlan’s party (map). Rescue party on elephants crossing the Noa Dihing at Miao – views of George Aitken’s camp. Scenes of Dapha River – June 1942. Photograph of the Mishmis party on elephants. Arrival at the Dapha camp (9 June 1942) – remains of G.D.L. Miller and J. Leyden’s shelter. Rungdot, a Kampti elephant, trying to cross the Dapha river to the rescue of 68 refugees. Refugees being rescued on 10 June 1942. Scenes of Mishmis from Tinguen Village. Scene of Chauchali, the Kampti Raja. (film with captions)



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