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Colour. 9:26min. Digboi, Assam, India; Burma (Myanmar). March 1943 – February 1944. Film made by Major John N. Corlett (compiled from 9 small reels). 1st Battalion, Assam Regiment (when it was part of the 1 Brigade, 23 Division) patrolling in the Shenan (Saddle) – Tamu area. Troops crossing river Chindwin. 1st Battalion men advancing on a jungle path past two Buddha statues. A group riding near Digboi on 1st Battalion horses: Jock Young, Major Calistan and two American nurses. Digboi station scene of American personnel leaving by train for India. 1st Battalion sports day at Digboi: men throwing Naga spears and putting the shot. Lt.Col. Brown talking to Maj. Lowe. A group of officers standing on the porch of the Officers’ mess at Digboi. Men in the Battalion lines at Digboi: washing, haircutting. The Battalion’s football ground: scenes of an inspection of the mules run by Maj. Lowe and Sgt. Padmaram, the mule havildar. Scenes of John Corlett on leave in Northern India.


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