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Colour. 9:44min. Mandalay, Shan Hills and Maymyo (Pyi Oo Lwin), Burma (Myanmar). 1938. Film made by V. G. J. Barton. Shan hills: flora and landscapes. Maymyo: landscapes. The Dattawgyaint waterfalls at Anisakan and Pa He. Large attendance of Sao On Kya’s funeral, the Sawbwa of Hsipaw State (July 1938) and one of the founders of Lodge of the Sawbwas No. 5013, Hsipaw (English Constitution) – the only lodge meeting in Hsipaw. Brethren wearing masonic regalia during the funeral service. (film with captions) Background information offered by Martin Cherry, The Library and Museum of Freemasonry, London.


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