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B&W. 10:27min. Shillong, Assam, (Sikkim?), India. London, England. c. 1933-1937. Film made by C.G Baron (?). Assam: (possibly) traditional Naga dances. England: London (1933): Trooping the Colour; Picadilly, Caledonian market; scenes at a zoo.Assam/ Sikkim (?): itinerant entertainer with bear; zoo scenes. ‘The Teesta Valley ‘: landscapes; ‘Kalijhora Bungalow ‘ film crew setting up cameras. Shillong (1937): ‘Governor ‘s Cup Day ‘ arrival of dignitaries (possibly attended by Sir Michael Keane, Governor of Assam between 11 May 1932 – 4 March 1937); races. (film with captions).


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