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B&W. 12:06min. Lahore, Punjab, India (Pakistan); Bengal, Benares (Varanasi), India. 1929. Film made by R.A. Banks. Lahore: scenes of race preparations. Rider,W. Grice (Commander Punjab Light Horse) being weighed for race. Point-to-point races. Lyallpur and Jullundur (Jalandhar): Indian labourers cutting sugar canes; operating sugar cane juice extractor; boiling ghur. Benares: Sadhu being shaved; dhobi wallahs and pilgrims at ghats. Punjab: possibly Congress leader with followers. Dandot Plateau (Jhelum district): salt range with limestone cap (prospections for an alkali factory). Indian man operating a charkha (spinning wheel) in Choa Sidon Sar; view of Lake Kalakihar. Khewra Village: crafts and village scenes; limekiln being repaired and charged; weighing burnt limestone; local patwari (Land Record officer); surveying for salt mine; sampling salt.


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