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Interview number: 015

Interviewer: Buck, Marie and Townsend, H.L.

Interview date: 1973-05-00

Length 46 minutes

Condition notes: Acoustic echo, tape travel fluctuations. Known to be a copy of the original poor quality and echo acoustic throughout. Occasional minor hiccups in tape travel. Two bigger disturbances at 13:38 and at 30:12

Zoe Browne is the granddaughter of John (Tonga) Browne, owner of the Madras Carrying Company in the 1860s. Her father, Herbert, was a veterinary surgeon in the Nilgiris. At the time of the interview Miss Browne still owned property in Ootacamund.

[See also recording 030 – H.L. Townsend (one of the interviewers) himself being interviewed by Maj. F.W. Rawding]

Coverage notes: Nilgiris; Ootacamund, Coonoor; coffee estates; tonga service, stables; horses; ancestors/relatives; 1860-1973