Archive / Audio / V.R. Nimbkar

Interview number: 146

Interviewer: Shanker, Uma

Interview date: 1970-06-28

Length 36 minutes

Condition notes: Pronounced microphone noises throughout.

V.R. Nimbkar, engineer of note in the machine tool industry, was trained in the U.S.A. His engineering skills were invaluable to the sabotage volunteers during the Quit India movement. After retirement his special interests were the modernisation of Indian agriculture, and the preference for indigenous materials for industrial purposes.

Coverage notes: machine tool industry; Ghadar Party; Paisa Fund; propaganda, patriotism; Tilak, Shri Ram Das; shlokas; Muslim Volunteer corps; Parsi; New York; Home Rule League; Hindu fakers; I.N.C.; Hindustan Association; acceptance; sabotage, delay; gunite, civil engineering; ‘Forum’, constitution; 1857-1970