Archive / Audio / V.L. Mehta

Interview number: 188

Interviewer: Shanker, Uma

Interview date: 1973-01-08

Length 66 minutes

Condition notes: Microphone noise.

V.L. Mehta, politician/industrialist, talks of non-cooperation, Satyagrahas, the conflict between the Swarajists and the No-Changers, textile mills, jail life, Quit India, the bifurcation of Bombay State, and at length, of the English language campaign.

Coverage notes: No-Changers, Swarajists; textile mills; English language legacy, campaign; Swatantra Party; Khadi, Khaddar; Nehru’s sacrifice; false testimonies; police behaviour; Kukris; Maha-Gujarat; hartals; black saris; 1920-1972