Archive / Audio / V.B. GOGATE

Interview number: 134

Interviewer: Shanker, Uma

Interview date: 1970-04-24

Length 85 minutes

Condition notes: Stereo balance/volume erratic; switch/microphone/handling noises.

V.B. Gogate, lawyer and disciple of Savarkar, gives detailed accounts of the background, the event, and the aftermath of his failed attempt to assassinate Sir Ernest Hotson, 22 July 1931.

Coverage notes: Poona; Savarkar; Ferguson College; Sir Ernest Hotson; assassination attempt; Hindu Mahasabha; terrorism; martyrs; Sholapur; Martial Law; Gandhi; Bose; Munshi; Deshpande; Samiti; morchas; Shivaji; Hindu State Religion; 1929-1966