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Interview number: 218

Interviewer: Shanker, Uma

Interview date: 1976-07-05

Condition notes: Noisy microphone; very weak audio signal (see/hear previous few recordings) which, in side(c), became too weak for transcription; side(c), of unknown length, has missing audio and very brief transcription.

U. Ashk, famous Urdu/Hindi writer, talks of the songs and poems of the Freedom movement, of the literary scene in Lahore, Bombay, Delhi and Allahabad, and of his own career as a writer of poetry and prose for paper, radio and film.

Coverage notes: Jullunder; All-India Radio; ‘Girti Deewaren’; Khilafat; toady, bania, ahimsa, rishis, mohalla, goonda; ‘Garun Raakh’; Giddah; tumba; dhola; kavi; langar; dhal – moong, urad; Sanaatani; ‘Bishma’; allama; Ahrar Party; Shuddi; Vedas; Tanzium, Sangatham; ‘Shakti’; kunj; samjhota; Jan Sanghis; Lahore, Delhi, Bombay, Allahabad; 1925-1976