Archive / Audio / T. Tyler

Interview number: 049

Interviewer: Stuart, Michael M.

Interview date: 1974-01-10

Length 20 minutes

Condition notes: Badly flawed, in places, by a loose connection in the recording equipment. They were aware of it and little, if any, content is lost

Ted Tyler, bandsman in the band of the governor of Bombay, and other military bands, tells of his career and travels.

[(049) and (050a+b) are an interesting set of recordings, in that they demonstrate the slightly stumbling, early days of recorded Oral History, when DIY tape-recorded interviewing was still in its infancy. First, here, M.M. Stuart records a prepared piece being read by Mr. Tyler (049). On the other side of the original tape, he then recorded a prepared monologue read by his wife, Mrs. Tyler (050a), followed by a ‘live’ interview. At a later date, Mrs. Stuart recorded (050b) another ‘live’ interview with the same Mrs. Tyler.]

Coverage notes: band of the Governor of Bombay; band composition; performances; attitudes; 1933-1943