Archive / Audio / Savitri Madan

Interview number: 147

Interviewer: Shanker, Uma

Interview date: 1970-07-06

Length 104 minutes

Condition notes:

In part 1 the first few seconds are missing – old tape repair in evidence and cassette re-assembled badly; the tape broke at 42:35 while digitising – result of very poor, sticky repair at that end. Tape has been cleaned and repaired, and the remains rescued.

In part 2 there was noticeable speed increase (reduced recording speed), and erratic volume, from about 4mins to 10mins and again from 30 mins to 38 mins – digitised at best approximation to real speed on a player with speed control but without stereo.

Savitri Madan, educationist/village-industry specialist, describes women satyagrahis in Sialkot and Lahore, her work as vice-principal of a girls’ high-school in Poona, life in jail, Khadi and Village Industries, and the Kasturba Trust.

Coverage notes: Sialkot, Lahore, Poona; women satyagrahis, girls; gunny bags; Kumarappa; ‘Ramayana’; pashchyatap; Arya Samaj; Gauran Devi; Basic Education; life in jail; Pratinidhis; Khadi and Village Industries; Bombay; All-India Non-edible Oil Industry; neem seed, neem cake; the Kasturba Trust; 1922-1970