Archive / Audio / S. Sen Gupta

Interview number: 211

Interviewer: Shanker, Uma

Interview date: 1976-03-11

Length 73 minutes

Condition notes: noisy microphone; variable volume and balance; some distortion; loose connection in part 1 at 29:54 to 30:08

Sen Gupta, I.N.A., talks of Chandra Bose and of his Secret Service activities in the I.N.A.’s fight to help secure India’s freedom – action described includes India, Burma, Thailand, Malaya, Japan.

Coverage notes: Thailand, Malaya, Burma, Japan; Imphal, Tokyo, Rangoon, Bangkok, Singapore, Calcutta; Kalyan Sangh; Holwell; Chakravarty; Council of action, I.N.A.; J.I.A; Behari Bose, Chandra Bose, Nehru, Gandhi; spying, Intelligence, Secret Service; Azad Hind Fauj; submarine, torpedo boats, leaflet drops, radio, parachutists, Gurkhas; Thivy; Bhonsle, Ishoda; Hikari Kikan; Simla Conference; ticals; 1928-1949