Archive / Audio / S.S. Varde

Interview number: 143

Interviewer: Shanker, Uma

Interview date: 1970-06-05

Length 141 minutes

Condition notes: Background hiss and hum

Prof. S.S. Varde, Professor of Economics, Bandra National College, Bombay, talks about the political scene in Maharashtra in the 1940s; the Quit India Movement; the Rashtra Seva Dal and Sane Guruji, Kala and Shramadan Pathak; the Praja Socialist Party; Gandhian economics; his work with the Greater Bombay Municipal Council; and the forces of communalism, caste-ism and regionalism in the late ’60s.

[See also: Interview 149 – S.S. Kapadia]

Coverage notes: Bandra; political scene; Quit India; Rashtra Seva Dal; Sane Guruji; Kala Pathak, Shramadan Pathak; Praja Socialist Party; ‘Sadhana’; Samyukt Maharashtra; Samiti; Shiva Sena, Jana Sangh; Jat; Gandhian economics; Bombay Municipal Council; communalism, caste-ism, regionalism, linguism; 1942-1970