Archive / Audio / S.R. Tuladhar

Interview number: 024

Interviewer: Unknown

Interview date: 1973-10

Length 35 minutes

Condition notes: Various technical difficulties

Introduction by Rawding for first minute followed by an account, in Nepali, of his early life, by Sri Sarba Ratna Tuladhar for next 9:20 minutes, and in conversation with Rawding in Nepali for another 6:10 minutes. Translation, by Rawding, of the first part follows for 6:50 minutes, followed by Rawding translation of the conversation for 4:40 minutes, followed by notes and comments of the foregoing 4:30 minutes and an explanation by Rawding of the Panchayat system for the last 2:30 minutes.

[The original recording is flawed in several places by various technical difficulties]

Coverage notes: early life in Nepal; life as a watchmaker; earthquake, 1933; Samvat calendar; Rana Maharajas; King Tribhuvan; King Mahendra; 1910-73