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Interview number: 128

Interviewer: Shanker, Uma

Interview date: 1970-03-28

Length 156 minutes

Condition notes: There were several recording volume, stereo, and speed issues with our copy of this interview: on-the-fly adjustments were made in some areas to obtain this digitised mono copy.

Maharashtrian Shri Shribau Limaye describes the formation of the socialist faction of the Congress party, the Satyagrahas, the Rashtra Seva Dal, ‘Quit India’, and his social work towards building a secular, non-communal, Indian Society.

[See also: 152 Mrs. A.S. Limaye, his wife]

Coverage notes: himsa, ahimsa; Maharashtra; Youth Leagues; Satyagrahas; Rashtra Seva Dal; socialism; communalism; rural reconstruction; ‘Quit India’; Congress Socialist Party; M.N. Roy; Pathak; Tilak; secularism; post Independence; Goa; Hyderabad, Razakars; Harijans; United Front; social change; 1928-1970