Archive / Audio / S. Kripalani

Interview number: 196

Interviewer: Shanker, Uma

Interview date: 1974-05-13

Length 291 minutes

Condition notes: First page and a half (introduction) was not recorded; noisy microphone; erratic volume and stereo-balance issues;
post-transcription edits – have been retained (leaving audio gaps at 35:48 to 36:21 in side(d), 4 gaps between 15:36 and 17:36 in side(e), and a large gap from 11:46 to 16:48 in side(f)); original side(e) timings, before pre-transcription edits removed
pre-transcription edits – have been removed (i.e. audio gaps at 19:55 to 20:38 and 20:53 to 21:00 in side(e)).

Mrs. Sucheta Kripalani, politician, gives a very detailed and interesting account of the quit India movement, the politics, the atrocities of the pre- and post-Partition riots, and her refugee work after Partition, and the Tibet and Bangladesh crises. Views on America, and Czechoslovakia follow.

Coverage notes: Quit India; politics, riots, atrocities; refugee relief, rehabilitation; Pakistan; Bangladesh crisis; Tibet, Czechoslovakia, America; communism; Musalmans; women’s vulnerability; dhurries; T.T.K.; jhuggis; Congress; Constituent Assembly; Central Parliament; Chief Minister, U.P.; Kasturba Memorial Trust; Lok Kalyan Samiti; Noakhali; Gonda, Lok Sabha; Delhi; Bal Baris; Khadi; tahmad, sindoor; pukka, katcha; Kalma; gram sevikas; Maulanas; goondas; ‘kolla nebo’; mukhias; Jap Sahib; roti, achaar, langar; thela-wallah; Kisan Mazdoor Praja; Shairni; dharma; Gram Udyogh; dandas; Judiciary vs. Legislature; Moulvis; Jan Sangh; Sarvodaya; Kerala; dali; Hindi; tube-well; corruption; Gandhi Peace Foundation; 1939-1974