Archive / Audio / S. CHAUBE

Interview number: 262

Interviewer: Unknown

Interview date: 1970-09-10

Length: 17 minutes

Condition notes: Variable volume (some distortion) throughout; recorded in Hindustani, English transcript, page timings very approximate.

Dr. S. Chaube, Socialist/writer, talks briefly of his fight against oppression in the Princely States, especially in Gwalior, by both the British and the Maharajahs.

Coverage notes: Samyukta Socialist Party; Ajmer; Gwalior; Maharajahs, Nawabs; Praja Mandal; Ujjain jail; Dohad; Kisan; ‘Jivan Karyalaya’; Shahjehanpur; Rajwade judgement; Chowk Bazaar; Madhya Pradesh; 1935-1950