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Interview number: 228

Interviewer: Shanker, Uma

Interview date: 1991-08-23

Length Not known

Condition notes: Recording missing

S.C. Gupta, writer/politician, describes the Freedom Movement’s underground network and activities of people working in government service, the Partition riots, and the development of Delhi from the mid 19th century.

Coverage notes: Delhi; Congress underground; Supply Dept.; government service; Janta Party; Ashti Chimur; Section 144 (IPC); propaganda distribution; peon; palki, burqa, takhta, danda, darshan, mohallas, halla-gullah; Parsee, Khadi; Pili Kothi; curfew; TB hospital, Badli; Diwali; Cah Rehat, Hamid Ka Mohalla; Burari Plains; Raisina Hill; Ajmal Khan Road; Connaught Place; Chandni Chowk; 1930-1990