Archive / Audio / S. BATLIWALA

Interview number: 115

Interviewer: Carter, Dr. Lionel /Thatcher, Mary

Interview date: 1969-11-22

Length 107 minutes

Condition notes:

Some hum, especially at the start of part 1; temporary tone change at 42 minsutes into part 1; input distortion on parts 2 and 3

Soli Batliwala, a Trustee of the Bhulabhai Memorial Trust since 1953, after 25 years as a freedom fighter in the Congress Socialist Party and the Communist Party, gives his account and views of the Independence struggle.

Coverage notes: I.N.A.Trial; Bardoli; Satyagraha; Dharasana; Naidu; Dixit; police, Kelly; M.N. Roy; Vijayawada; Lohia; Communist Party; Hilji, Deoli; Russia; Politburo; jawan; taluga; Pollitt; Joshi; havildar; Azad Hind; Desai; 1930-1969