Archive / Audio / S.B. Yajee

Interview number: 217

Interviewer: Shanker, Uma

Interview date: 1976-05-23

Length 65 minutes

Condition notes: Noisy microphone; stereo imbalance; weak audio signal from middle of part 2; last ten lines not recorded.

Y.B. Yajee, politician, tells of his early involvement with the INA, claims Bose to be the greatest revolutionary ever, the forming of the Congress Socialist Party, describes Bose and Saraswati, and their fights with the Congress Party.

Coverage notes: Bihar; Youth Sabha; Congress Socialists; Forward Bloc; Chandra Bose, Saraswati; INA; absconders; jails and torture; Kisan Sabha; Socialism, Unions; Protest Day; Russian help; Singapore; solitary confinement; Palam Military Hospital; Navy naujavans; Left Front; Navy Mutiny; Rajya Sabha; Desh Sevak; Jain, election corruption; war, not partition; peasants; class struggles; Land Reforms; Ranga, Yagnik; 1928-1976