Archive / Audio / R.K. Patil

Interview number: 246

Interviewer: Gandhi, Arun

Interview date: 1971-01-26

Length 47 minutes

Condition notes: Audio clarity deteriorates slightly after about 30mins.

R.K. Patil, ICS/politician, talks of his career in I.C.S. and the Madhya Pradesh government, and how he earned reputations for resignations, non-violence, and stubbornness regarding official languages.

Coverage notes: Baroda, Varora, Nagpur, Raipur, Betul, Yeotmal, Droog, Poona; Tilak; Hindu/Muslim unity; Union Flag rules; Shukla, Patel; Hindi, Marathi; Sir Henry Twyneham; Collector; Go Seva Sangh, Jankidevi; Sarvodaya, Bhave; Gramdan, Bhoodan; 1912-1971