Archive / Audio / R. DAYAL

Interview number: 214

Interviewer: Shanker, Uma

Interview date: 1976-05-15

Length Not known

Condition notes: Noisy microphone handling and switch.

R. Dayal, UN diplomat/ICS administrator, gives his views of the ICS in the UP and the mistakes of Partition, and describes his career in the UN, illuminating the character of several of the people he met and some of the crises in which he was involved.

Coverage notes: United Provinces/Uttar Pradesh; Padma Vibhushan; Russia, Africa, Congo, Korea, Lebanon, Yugoslavia, Kashmir, Pakistan, Assam; Foreign Office; ‘Mission for Hammarskjold’; languages, English, Urdu; Civil Defence, Civil Supplies; Home Secretary; landed gentry; Sindhi, Baluchi, Punjabi; Partition; canal waters; Moscow, Stalin; Mrs. Pandit; Afro-Asian Group; Human Rights, Race Discrimination; Stalin; Tito; Panchsheel; Teen Murti House; Nehru; Shastri; Mrs. Gandhi; Benegal Rao; gun-boat diplomacy; UN Charter, Convention; Martin Luther King; academic, Princeton, Smithsonian, Aspen, Oxford; natural environment; Barbara Ward; Charles Trevelyan; Dulles, Murphy; Romania, Bulgaria; 1933-1976