Archive / Audio / R.D.M. DHOTLA

Interview number: 250

Interviewer: Unknown

Interview date: 1970-09-06

Condition notes: volume variation throughout; recorded in Hindi, free interpretation, English transcript, page timings approximate

R.D.M. Dhotla, politician, relates his part in the fight for Independence and gives some of the background to the problems in the Princely States and the need for their unification afterwards.

Coverage notes: Indore; nationalist feelings; women’s part; youths’ inexperience; cotton factories; States People‚Äôs Party; Mandals; Madhya Bharat/Pradesh; ‘Janmabhoomi’; Arya Samaj; Swadeshi Mills; Ganesh festival; Confederation of States, boundaries; Dhar, Sardarpur, Malwe; Melawar; Rashtriya Dals; food, rationing; Panchayats; Mandleshwar jail; satyagrahis; Ajmer, Mewar; Orissa; Saurashtra; Patel, Menon, B.G. Kher; Mazdoors; 1869-1947