Archive / Audio / PROF. V.V. BAPAT

Interview number: 154

Interviewer: Shanker, Uma

Interview date: 1970-08-03

Length 56 minutes

Condition notes: Mostly quite poor quality through very weak signal/volume ratio and long lapses into single-channel recording, especially in part 1

Prof. V.V. Bapat, poet, author, and Professor of Sanskrit and Marathi, first at Dharwar College, later at Bombay’s National College, then at Ruia College, gives a different perspective on the underground freedom fighters, then describes the Kranti-Kari, prison, the Kala-pathak cultural squad of the Rashtriya Seva Dal, the Antar-Bharatiya, and the author-politician-journalist tradition in Maharashtra.

Coverage notes: Dharwar, National, Ruia; Kranti-Kari; Kala-pathak, Rashtriya Seva Dal; Harijan cause; poetry, drama; Antar-Bharatiya; Maharashtra, Bombay, Poona; underground’s effectiveness; the ’42 spirit; national service; writers’ role in Indian unity and education; 1930-1970