Archive / Audio / P.S. Kapadia

Interview number: 149

Interviewer: Shanker, Uma

Interview date: 1970-06-20

Length 94 minutes

Condition notes: Recorded on one channel only, so digitised here in mono. Microphone switch noise.

P.S. Kapadia, textiles industrialist, describes solitary confinement in the Red Fort, Japanese attitudes to India and underground aims; he then talks at length about Khadi and Village Industries, especially agro-industries, non-edible oils, Kora Kendra, and Gandhian economics versus industrialisation. He ends by describing Indian attitudes towards Britain and the British.

See also: interview 143 – Prof. S.S. Varde; interview 150 – G. Broker

Coverage notes: Red Fort treatment, conditions; Vanar Sena; Rashtria Shala; Swaraj; underground aims, Kirkee; agro-industries; Andhra khadi, ambar-charkha; non-edible oils; magan chula; village industry vs. industrialisation; employment, education; Daridra Narain; 1919-1964