Archive / Audio / P. Lacey

Interview number: 088

Interviewer: Thatcher, Mary

Interview date: 1981-07-01

Length 68 minutes

Condition notes: Occasional breaks and pauses, otherwise clean.

One of the Mary Thatcher series of interviews following up responses to her questionnaire ‘Women in India’ (available for viewing at CSAS), in which Mrs. P. Lacey gives an account of her work as honorary secretary of the Bihar and Orissa National Council of Women. She also recalls her husband’s work as Settlement Officer (ICS), and speaks of the 1942 troubles in Bihar.

[see also: recording 073, James Walmesley]

Coverage notes: Bihar, Orissa; Council, Congress; education, health, welfare, purdah; language; cantonments; boundaries, settlements, surveys; touring; earthquake described; 1920s-1947