Archive / Audio / N.T. Khandwala

Interview number: 167

Interviewer: Shanker, Uma

Interview date: 1971-05-16

Length 68 minutes

Condition notes: Almost no signal on the tape of part 1 – maximum output brings white noise with it. Part 2, obviously recorded later, has occasional switch and microphone noises, but generally clean.

N.T. Khandwala, journalist and publisher, tells of his contact with people, prisons and events in the struggle for freedom, and describes his part in evacuating Hindus from Karachi and Muslims from Veraval immediately after Partition.

[First words on part 1 indicate that Shanker knew there was trouble with the recorder but went ahead anyway. There is almost no signal on the tape – maximum output brings white noise with it (improves slightly during first 5 minutes, on one channel). Khandwala is obviously under stress.

Part 2, most probably recorded at a later date, is O.K. except for the usual microphone and switch noises.]

Coverage notes: refugee evacuation; Karachi; Bombay; chakki, mung, bhaji; gurudwara, kirpans; Sanyasis; Hindus/Muslims; Harijans; Bombay Steam Co.; Thakkar Baba; Peace Committee, Mehta; Junagadh; Land Alienation Bill; 1930-1948