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Interview number: 063

Interviewer: Thatcher, Mary.

Interview date: 1983-07-12

Length 30 minutes

Condition notes: Original starts at a slightly higher speed than it should, but gradually slows to normal speed within 2 minutes.
Please note: this recording is not yet transcribed: work on this is ongoing.The conversation intimates that there should be a continuation side, but we have no record of it – over-recorded on side (b), perhaps?

Mary Thatcher talking to Mrs. Broad and Phyllis [presumed to be a friend] about life in India. Mrs Broad was the wife of a Gurkha Officer stationed at Rawalpindi for two years.

Coverage notes: Kashmir; anecdotal memories of Rawalpindi and Kashmir Valley; Abottabad; Dal Lake, Shalimar; Murree, skiing; architecture; Indian films; dresses; puggle-khana; Secret Service; women’s safety; Kut; 1921-1923