Archive / Audio / Mr W.A.J. and Mrs CHRISTIE

Interview number: 066

Interviewer: Thatcher, Mary

Interview date: 1974-10-23

Length 43 minutes

Condition notes: From approx. [20:00] the original tape starts developing faults. A copy-tape was made soon afterwards, and part of that copy has been spliced in here ([23:41] to [24:57]) to replace the now missing section of the original. Quality doesn’t improve much until [26:26], when it returns to normal.

Mr. W.A.J. Christie (Deputy Commissioner) describes the Chittagong Hill Tracts, three tribal chiefs, the visit of Sir John Anderson, Governor of Bengal, in 1935, and includes a commentary to his home-made ciné film of the visit. Mrs. Christie then talks about her life in, and her feelings about, India.

Coverage notes: Chittagong Hill Tracts; Sir John Anderson (Lord Waverley) visit; tribal chiefs; Sangu/Karnafuli rivers; Rangamati; tribes, dancers, musical instruments; Moghuls; I.C.S.; servants; poverty; Cawnpore; Karaiki Clinic; Kalimpong industries; Shantiniketan, Tagore; on tour, jungle; 1933-1947